empowering your Privacy & Protection possibilities

    Get your Website Ready for CCPA

    A privacy expert will lead an engagement based on one of the described packages. It starts with getting your website ready for CCPA compliance. This includes privacy policy update, deploying web intake forms, and a do not sell my info button.

    CIS 20 Security Recommendations

    Our security thought leaders will provide written and oral recommendations based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS 20) assessment results. A presentation designed to support security recommendations will be delivered after the assessment.

    Privacy Breach Prevention

    Our breach prevention technology deployment is a part of the project activities. We inventory data privacy assets and define access lists. 

    Data Discovery & API Engine

    We use data discovery and API engines to focus on general inventory. Doing so serves as the basis for future integrations with our API engine technology. 

    Additional Benefits
    • Conducted by Technologent’s industry experts
    • Help prioritize compliance with our proven framework
    • Reduce risk of penalties and class action lawsuits
    • Protect brand and improve security
    • Articulate future privacy and security posture

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