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Want to Learn More about Data Protection for VxRail?


When you need fast backup and recovery

Recovery is simple, while providing fast access to your virtual machine's (VM) backup data, enabling rapid deployment of production images into test and development environments, as well as full image recovery for disaster recovery.

When you need seamless data protection

VMware's automated replication of backup data ensures that you have reliable off-site recovery, including long term retention.

When you need efficient backup and recovery

Consistent application backups ensure you can restore you mission-critical applications. Fast file-level restore ensures business continuity with minimal latency.

When you need any point-in-time recovery

Protect virtual machines with automated provisioning and orchestration capabilities for disaster and operational recovery with VM-level granularity.

When you need unified analytics and insight

Centralized collection of the data provides a single, comprehensive view of your data protection environment and activities. Management and monitoring capabilities offered by Dell EMC data protection for VxRail significantly reduces time spent on audits, compliance and other reporting requirements.

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Simple: Scalable Protection

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Fast: Meet Backup Windows

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Efficient: Reduce Costs
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