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Deep learning (DL) is an artificial intelligence breakthrough, solving problems at better than human levels of performance with the aid of trained data models.

The computational requirements for DL models are significant and requires huge amounts of computing resources to execute complex models. In addition, model sizes — particularly when image based — place significant demands on the physical storage system and data movement between compute and storage.

Together, Technologent, Mellanox, NVIDIA and Weka have the combined AI power and flexibility to keep current GPU clusters free of I/O bottlenecks and to easily scale to accommodate future needs. Better yet, our solutions also support cloud-based GPUs for organizations that wish to leverage the public cloud for additional on-demand GPU resources.

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Technologent, Mellanox, NVIDIA and Weka are all industry innovators who have combined their respective technologies in support of AI workloads.



Mellanox provides the most predictable, highest bandwidth and highest density 100 GbE switching platform for the growing demands of today’s data centers. This includes dynamic flexible shared buffers and predictable wire speed performance!



NVIDIA is the world leader in accelerated computing, enabling enterprises to speed-up DL training up to 96 times faster than a CPU server. The DGX-1 system is fully-integrated AI supercomputer purpose-built for AI and HPC applications.



Weka is an innovation leader in high performance, scalable file storage for data intensive applications. The WekaFS™ file system transforms NVMe enabled servers into a low-latency storage system for AI and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.


Technologent's Managed Services Team brings all of these important components together to optimize AI and your business!

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